September 7, 2023

Climate Thursdays with Ashley Ward

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
Climate Thursdays with Ashley Ward

Ashley Ward, director of the Heat Policy Innovation Hub at the Nicholas Institute, joins 97.9 The Hill’s "News on the Hill" program every other Thursday to comment on the latest climate news.

In her latest appearance on Sept. 7, Ward discussed a recent court ruling in favor of youth climate activists in Montana. She also talked about her work at the Heat Policy Innovation Hub and why it is so critical right now, and she discussed upcoming events she will be attending, including Climate Week NYC.

Listen to past Climate Thursday interviews:

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July 6The launch of Duke's Heat Policy Innovation Hub by the Nicholas Institute and what it hopes to accomplish.

June 29 - A roundtable in Washington, DC, with state secretaries of the environment and thoughts on recent current events, including veto overrides by the North Carolina General Assembly with environmental impacts.

June 15 - How several recent extreme weather events fit into the broader story of climate change and federal funding opportunities.

June 1 - The lack of air conditioning in public schools across the US, plus budget impacts on programs aimed at mitigating the effects of extreme heat.

May 18 - The policy changes necessary to prepare for extreme heat with 2024 summer and El Niño season upcoming.

Apr. 20 - An op-ed Ward wrote on inadequate warning systems for heat-related weather events and a new report co-authored by Ward and Jordan Clark

Apr. 6 - The role of younger generations in addressing climate change and how the judiciary could impact climate outcomes.

Feb. 23 - The role of federal agencies in natural disasters and how the medical field can make an impact on climate health.

Feb. 9 - A climate conference in Miami and the environmental reaction to the State of the Union address.

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Dec. 15 - A trip to a Chatham County High School and the economic payoff for Chatham County’s investment in green technologies.

Nov. 17 - Climate implications of the midterm elections, COP27 (the annual UN climate conference in Egypt), and more.

Nov. 3 - Recent water forum on disasters, how local governments can position themselves to get federal disaster money, and more.

Oct. 13 - Vulnerable water systems locally and across the nation (with Martin Doyle).

Sept. 30 - Hurricane Ian, emergency preparedness, and the climate implications of extreme weather events.

Sept. 15 - Institutions' responsibility in combating climate change, a current hearing of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and more.

Sept. 1 - Duke Energy’s carbon plan, the water situation in Jackson, Mississippi, and more.

Aug. 18 - What local governments and municipalities can do to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Aug. 4 - Climate provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

July 21 - Changing our approach to climate communication.

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