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The Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (C-AGG) seeks to mitigate climate change and benefit farmers by advancing the development and adoption of science-based policies, methodologies, protocols, and projects for GHG emissions reductions and carbon sequestration within the agricultural sector. C-AGG members are agricultural producers, scientists, GHG quantification experts, carbon investors, policy experts, and GHG project developers.

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The Market Mechanisms for Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (M-AGG) is designed to bring particular focus to the carbon market infrastructure required for the agriculture sector to participate within emerging carbon policy and market frameworks. M-AGG is focused on identifying the current tools for quantifying greenhouse gas emission reductions and sequestration across a broad range of agricultural sectors. The M-AGG process will result in benchmarking a sub-set of these tools, namely quantification protocols, that fit a defined set of offset quality criteria common to most emerging carbon markets today.

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