Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
March 2024

Evidence Library for Mangrove Degradation and Recovery

Evidence Library for Mangrove Degradation and Recovery cover

Mangrove ecosystems provide numerous benefits to both people and nature, including providing important habitat for wildlife species, nursery habitat for fish and shellfish, recreational opportunities, and protection for coastal communities. This evidence library synthesizes the scientific literature and expert knowledge to share information on what is known—and not known—about how storm-induced changes to mangrove ecosystems might impact their ecosystem services.

In 2017, Hurricane Maria passed through Jobos Bay Research Reserve in Puerto Rico and Hurricane Irma passed through Rookery Bay Research Reserve in Florida, both of which have sizable mangrove habitats. A team of scientists, managers, and educators from Florida and Puerto Rico developed the Mangrove Coast Collaborative (MCC) project with the goal of providing increased understanding and tools to aid in restoration and management of these forests. This evidence library was created as a part of the MCC to ensure the project considers how changes to mangrove ecosystems caused by storms may impact the provisioning of ecosystems services to nearby communities.