Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Sara Mason

Senior Policy Associate, Ecosystem Services Program


Sara Mason joined the Ecosystem Services Program at the Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability as a policy associate after graduating from Duke with a master’s degree in environmental management. Her work focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of biodiversity conservation and how that can be leveraged to engage the public and policy makers in conservation efforts. Prior to joining the Nicholas Institute, Sara worked in ecological field research and endangered animal rehabilitation.

Sara recommends:

Dirt (book): Makes you think about dirt, something most of us never think about, in a whole new way. It’s an interesting blend of information on science, history, and agriculture; and The Mongabay Newscast (podcast): Great way to hear interesting updates on current research and issues in the conservation space, and to hear from scientists themselves about the messages they really want to convey to a broader audience about their work.