Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
June 2021

Delivering Bigger Change Faster

Publication cover thumbnail - Delivering Bigger Change Faster

Many of today’s greatest global challenges do not respect traditional sectoral boundaries. Issues like climate change, food insecurity, inequalities, poor nutrition, pollution, water insecurity, pandemics, poverty and many others are rooted in and impact multiple sectors. They demand holistic and integrated solutions that address multiple angles, engage diverse partners, and reach the people and places most in need. For too long, these multidimensional challenges have been addressed with sectoral interventions designed and implemented in isolation.

This approach has often led to inefficient use of scarce resources, and in many cases advanced results in some sectors at the expense of others. Many siloed responses have had tangible, detrimental impacts on the planet, as well as on people’s lives, opportunities, and aspirations. The status quo will not suffice if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the pledge to leave no one behind.

While we know that cross-sector thinking is essential, it is not commonplace. Delivering Bigger Change Faster: A Workbook on Strengthening Proposals for Projects With Cross-sector Impacts, Version 2.0 is a resource for teams that are fairly new to cross-sector thinking but already have a proposal for creating multi-sector impacts.

This workbook draws from a previous Bridge Collaborative Publication, Bigger Change Faster.