Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
August 2019

North Carolina Energy Efficiency Roadmap

North Carolina Energy Efficiency Roadmap Report Cover

Energy efficiency (EE) is widely considered a least cost option for meeting energy demand while reducing energy costs and carbon emissions. While EE has experienced slow and steady growth in North Carolina, much more can be done to maximize the full potential of this least cost resource. As such, leading EE and energy experts—including academic experts, consumer advocates, environmental nonprofits, commercial entities, state agencies, and utilities—participated in a series of meetings to determine where and how to deploy EE at a significantly greater rate. This report makes recommendations for increased and effective EE deployment in North Carolina.

Despite bipartisan support for the economic and environmental benefits of EE and an increasing focus by advocates, utilities, and big energy users, there are still barriers blocking the realization of EE’s potential. With a greater understanding of these barriers, there are multiple opportunities for increased EE in the state. This EE Roadmap report collects the expertise and ideas from over 100 EE stakeholders in the region and maps out the shared objectives and strategies that can help the state implement new solutions, remove barriers, and achieve its EE potential. 

Summary and Recommendations

North Carolina Energy Efficiency Roadmap - Executive Summary


North Carolina Energy Efficiency Roadmap - Recommendations



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