November 26, 2018

'Any Real Action Will Require Legislation': Cooper's Climate Change Order Sets Goals for NC Emissions

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Governor Roy Cooper recently signed an executive order on climate change, setting goals for the state's economy to reduce greenhouse emissions 40 percent from earlier levels by 2025.

“These goals by themselves do not really have much effect,” wrote Billy Pizer, faculty fellow in the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions and Susan B. King Professor of Public Policy, in an article appearing in the Duke Chronicle. "Any real action will require legislation."

“There is no silver bullet to fight climate change," said Tim Profeta, director of the Nicolas Institute. "There is a silver buckshot. You have to use a little bit of everything, and I think that's what the Governor is trying to do."

Profeta said that by opening the North Carolina electricity market to renewable energy such as wind and solar power, competition may allow these technologies to capture a larger market share. He also added that nuclear energy can be used and would contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.