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Model Evidence Libraries - Coastal Systems

Model Evidence Libraries - Coastal Systems

Evidence libraries are resources that document the known evidence about each link (arrow) in an ecosystem services conceptual model (ESCM). These links represent relationships between different aspects of the system that are illustrated in the ESCM.

Each evidence library entry contains:

  • A description of the relationship between the two focal nodes (boxes). This starts as an assumption, but it can become an evidence-based description through development of the library and assessment of evidence.
  • A summary of the evidence found relating to the assumption.
  • A list of other factors that may result in variation (location, timing, external drivers, and so on) in direction or magnitude of effect described in the assumption
  • A summary of confidence in the assumption given available evidence
  • A list of evidence resources

Evidence libraries can be used:

  • To understand which outcomes are strongly linked to the intervention
  • To refine an ESCM
  • To identify uncertainties or knowledge gaps (i.e. identify links where there is limited evidence available)
  • To determine what is known about the direction and magnitude of hypothesized relationships
  • To provide best available science summaries for each link

Example Evidence Libraries

Evidence Library Download Additional Information
Mangrove evidence library Download  
Oyster evidence library (Gulf of Mexico) Download Library and details
Oyster evidence library variation (North Carolina) Download  
Salt marsh evidence library (National) (see page 13-93) Download Library and details