Evidence Library

The oyster reef restoration evidence library is a structured way to collect and assess the evidence supporting each relationship represented by a link in the ecosystem service logic model. It can be used to highlight gaps in our understanding of how oyster reef restoration affects the biophysical and social systems, guide monitoring efforts to address these uncertainties, and illuminate the most important pathways from oyster reef restoration to various outcomes.

This evidence library (PDF) contains summaries of the evidence for each of the links in the ecosystem service logic model.  The version of the model below has links color-coded by their strength of evidence rating; please see the evidence library for details on why links received particular ratings. We welcome your input; please contact Katie Warnell with any corrections or suggestions of additional resources to include in the evidence library.


Note: This version of the ecosystem service logic model is slightly different from the general ESLM because we chose to examine the evidence for several links that experts and stakeholders indicated were likely to be unimportant for oyster reef restoration in the Gulf of Mexico.