Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
December 2019

Assessing Progress on Ocean and Climate Action: 2019

Assessing Progress on Ocean and Climate Action Report Cover

The Progress Report on Ocean and Climate Action for 2019 addresses progress (or lack thereof) in the following categories: 1. Purpose of the Progress Report and progress achieved at COP24, within the UNFCC framework and in related international fora; 2. The central role of oceans in climate and associated science and policy issues, covering new scientific findings and their policy implications; 3. The central role of Nationally Determined Contributions; 4. Mitigation (including Blue Carbon, curbing air emissions from ships, renewable energy, and carbon capture and storage); 5. Adaptation; 6. Low Carbon Blue Economy; 7. Population Displacement; 8. Financing on Oceans and Climate; and 9. Capacity Development.