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Oceans@Duke is a multidisciplinary community of Duke’s scholars working on challenges to sustainable use of the oceans. Across the Nicholas School of the Environment, to the Fuqua Business School, to Duke Law School, to Sanford School of Public Policy, to the Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability, Duke brings expertise to oceans in science, policy and business. This community of scholars aims to help train the next generation of ocean sustainability leaders, foster interdisciplinary thinking for more sustainable ocean use, and connect Duke’s scholarship to society.

As our community of practice takes its shape, we recognize the challenge of creating an oceans conversation that is diverse, equitable and inclusive, but we are committed to doing what we can to foster these aspects. We acknowledge that the fields of ocean science, governance, business and technology are primarily framed by a western set of principles. While this is the current context of the field, Oceans@Duke welcomes and encourages a range of perspectives on ocean sustainability, as we see immense value in incorporating diverse perspectives into a conversation that is inherently global and touches so many lives.

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