Our Impact

Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions has built its reputation on providing unbiased evaluations of policy risks and rewards tailored to decision makers' needs. These evaluations have allowed the Nicholas Institute to shape policy making in all corners of the globe. That impact is reflected in accounts of our researchers’ contributions to improved decision making and novel approaches to environmental issues as well as in the stories of students and former employees who have used access to our organization’s experts to effect lasting positive change in the environmental policy space.

Environmental Policy Impacts

Internet of Water

Internet of Water Could Revolutionize Water Management


Electricity Sector Uncertainty Calls for New Decision-Making Tools

Ocracoke inlet

The Blue Economy Makes Waves in Policy Circles

Cooperation Aimed at Sustainable Fisheries, Poverty Reduction

Environmental Justice Project Engages Community in Collaborative Research

Nevada City Tests Blueprint for Buying, Selling Water Rights

The Creeping Disaster That Led to Water Law

Harnessing Science to Inform Agricultural Policy, Carbon Markets

First Comprehensive Estimate of Blue Carbon Losses Drives Policy

Supporting the Sustainability of Federal Fisheries

Custom Models Help Policy Makers Assess Impacts of Energy, Environment Choices

Recognizing the Potential for the Clean Air Act to Address Climate Change and Exploring Strategies to Limit GHGs

Law Helps Raise the Priority of Global Clean Water, Sanitation Access

Research Improves State-Level Utility Regulation through Analysis of Regulatory Uncertainty and Long-Term Cost Impacts

Initiative Helps Natural Resource Managers Connect Decisions to Things People Care About

Nicholas Institute Helps Frame International Carbon Credit Payment Processes under the United Nation’s REDD+ Initiative

Nicholas Institute Pioneers Policy Tool to Balance Carbon Emissions and Allowance Prices for Cap-and-Trade Programs


Educational Impacts

Sarah Adair and students

Games Give Students a Look at Complexity of Real-World Decision Making

David Kaczan in India

Research Program Melds Economics and Environment

Greening the Grid: From Investment Banker to Energy Visionary

Christy Ihlo Joins Environmental Conservation Effort in Tanzania

Students Assess Whether Food Waste Could Help Duke Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Class Offers Students a Chance to Experience Climate History

From Durham to D.C: Internship Lays Ground for White House Appointment

Fulbright Awardee Advises Canadian Provincial Governments on Carbon Pricing

Students Perform First Carbon Regulation Analysis of Petroleum Refinery Sector

Program Simplifies, Lowers Cost of Solar Installation

Q&A with Nicholas Institute Alumnus David Gordon

Murray Awarded a Fulbright Visiting Research Chair Award in Environment and Economy

Work of Student in Duke Environmental Leadership Program Is Shaping Energy Policy in Bermuda